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Lumify and Women Rising

The Women Rising Program supports women around the world with a holistic personal and professional development journey. The program is supported by Microsoft and Lumify Work. The program offers evidence-based content, expert coaching and a supportive community that helps women grow into authentic leaders in business and technology.

Women Rising Feature

It has two core programs designed to help women rise, managers thrive, and your organisation create a tangible impact for career development, recruitment pipelines, retention strategies and gender diversity outcomes.

The Women Rising Program

A 6-month virtual learning and community experience open to all women globally from any company, industry, role or experience level. Valued at AUD$999.

The Managers and Allies Program

The aligned program for managers and allies ready to support women on their program journey. All genders are welcome. Valued at AUD$1499.

Key dates for the program for 2022 through 2023 include the following:

  • September 2022 - Cohort intake

  • 11 May - 02 September - Registration period

  • 14 & 15 September - Program launch calls

  • 19 September - Program commencement

  • 24 March 2023 - Program close

Backed by science. Tested by women.

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The Women Rising program combine decades of corporate and academic experience with a learning curriculum backed by science. It fuses research from positive psychology, neurosc

ience, behavioural economics, leadership development, gender science and the foundations of wellbeing and resiliency.

This, together with its unique and integrated approach - program curriculum, expert coaching and community forums - is why the program is so remarkable, and why you won’t find anything like it anywhere else.

In fact, business and HR leaders consistently note how they have never seen or experienced anything like Women Rising, and it’s why hundreds of organisations in dozens of countries are continuing to invest in this unique program.

The global impact in the past 12 months

The Women Rising program has impacted thousands of women in hundreds of companies in the past 12 months. It is estimated that more than 10,000 women will benefit from our program in the coming year. More than a program, it’s a movement.

  • 2850 Women Supported

  • 345 Managers & Allies collaborated with

  • 310 Organisations including Telstra, ANZ, Microsoft & EY

  • 28 Countries Participated

A Look at The Women Rising Program

What can women expect from the program? The Women Rising Journey guides women through the core elements that are found to be the most impactful areas for women's career, leadership and life success. It includes exploring knowledge on Gender Diversity Inclusivity, Derailment Factors, Managing Conflict along with Grit, Resilience and the Growth Mindset.

  • Kickoff: Program Launch Calls

  • Module 1: Vision and Purpose - Exploring your true purpose, what brings meaning to your work and how to craft a vision for your life.

  • Module 2: Radical Confidence - Learning an evidence-based approach for how to create radical confidence – the type you have no matter what is going on around you

  • Module 3: Career Evolution - Developing a career you love, build supportive and sustaining relationships, and build a personal brand that you are known for.

  • Module 4: Authentic Leadership - Developing as an authentic leader no matter what your role, and learn how to step into your
    power as a woman with presence and vulnerability.

  • Module 5: Influence and Impact - Building your influence, develop your executive presence and enhance your impact in all aspects of your work and leadership.

  • Module 6: Intentional Wellbeing - Discovering the joyful, busy-proof and evidence-based ways you can create radiant wellness in your life.

  • Module 7: Grit and Grace - Delving into the power of cultivating both grit and grace to achieve your goals and support your journey

  • Module 8: Leading Change - Developing your role as a leader, and discover how to lead change in a way that makes a lasting impact.

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The Managers & Allies Program

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We recognise that improving retention, leadership pipelines and diversity in organisations has
many layers. There is a missing piece of most professional development programs for women in that they leave out one of the most critical factors in women’s career and leadership success - their manager.

Another gaping hole in increasing gender diversity metrics is how we engage men in
not only the conversation about women at work, but provide meaningful support on their own journey to becoming active allies.

Many men are wanting to step into this role but have not had access to the tools,
community and support to do so.

Until now. At Women Rising, we not only provide unparalleled support for women with a proven personal and professional development model and program, but we also support
managers to become better mentors and sponsors and men to become more effective allies for women.

  • Part 1: The Women Rising Modules - This includes complete access to the Women Rising program in a private portal exclusively for managers and allies along with a group coaching call for every module, to guide managers and allies through the lessons, on how to mentor women through their learning experience, and ask related questions on the content.

  • Part 2: Modules for Building Effective Management and Allyship - This includes 6 specific lessons to deepen understanding of the landscape and women at work, understanding and managing bias, how to effectively mentor and sponsor women, enhancing your leadership and helping men become more effective allies.

Jeff Wogen, Head of Digital at Theta writes of the MAP:

“This is a great program for any manager to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the challenges that women can face at work. It gives you the tools to be able to better support women in your team, backed with research data and real-world examples. I was impressed with the effort put into creating this and how much I learned. Any manager would get a lot out of this program – and it was great to have the opportunity to take part in it.”

Getting Support (And Funding) To Join Women Rising

Enrolling in the Women Rising program is one of the best things you can do for your career. This is an investment of your company’s time and money, and it may not be just your decision. Chances are you need to convince your employer that this program will deliver results for you, your team and your organisation. The team at Women Rising can help you make the case to your employer to help you receive their support so that you can join us in this incredible program. Learn more when you download the guide.

  1. Think about how the program will benefit you professionally and help the company.

  2. Send an email with a program overview, the required monetary and time investment, the benefits.

  3. Follow up about the program during your regular catchups.

  4. Ask for help from the Women Rising program team.

Lumify Work, Microsoft and Women in Technology

Lumify Work believes in making the ICT space more accessible and safer. Every day, we continue this work. And this is reflected in how we facilitate training sessions, build communities with our partners and students, and enable people to thrive in the digital landscape of tomorrow.

DDLS and Microsoft Support Women Rising - nurturing more women in tech leadership - Program

Microsoft has been one of our long-standing partners and we are collaborating with them as they offer partial women in technology scholarships. You can get 50% off the standard rate for the Women Rising program supported by Microsoft.

The Lumify Group is offering two scholarships for ICT training courses up to $2000 in value for the September cohort of Women Rising. 1 participant from Women Rising Program and 1 from the Managers & Allies Program will be eligible. Read our blog post here.

If you are interested in the September 2022 cohort for Women Rising, feel free to enquire by visiting or sending an email to [email protected] to set up a time to speak. For frequently asked questions, you can visit