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The Lumify Network

Through our 4 brands we're able to deliver on the full spectrum of IT training - so no matter what your skillset, where you are in the world, or how you prefer to learn, we can make it happen.

Lumify Learn

Hyper-relevant, accredited IT qualifications, globally-recognised certifications and vendor- certified bootcamps for individuals, delivered 100% online.

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Lumify Work

Best-in-class, vendor-certified, IT and process training for business and enterprise customers, delivered in classroom and online by industry-accredited trainers.

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Lumify People

Tailored IT learning solutions, technical advice and strategic consulting to upskill workforces and transform organisations from the inside out.

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Through Nexacu, we deliver quality, instructor-led Microsoft app training for end-users across APAC. Our dedicated researchers and in-house course writers continually develop new skills-based training content to give your team a productivity advantage.

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Welcome to the world of perpetual motion

The world of technology is constantly evolving. For businesses and individuals, keeping up with the rate of change is a never-ending and challenging task. We're here to help you meet that challenge head on.

From first-time students to career-changers, upskillers to promotion-seekers, support techs to CTOs, we equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to flourish in a future where technology rules. We use our decades of training expertise, deep industry knowledge and unrivalled connections to propel you and your business forward. To go further, faster. To accelerate change.


Wherever you are, Lumify is local to you.

Our goal is to make it easy for you and your teams to get access to the best learning solutions.

We have ten fully equipped training campuses (with 90 classrooms) located in key business centres around Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. If time or distance prevents you from coming to us, we can train your team on your premises or deliver state-of-the-art remote instructor-led training.


A track record in business transformation.

From ASX-listed companies to government and public sector, we're the learning solutions partner of choice for business transformation.

With a portfolio that spans government, healthcare, finance, banking, telecoms and insurance, we're able to implement large-scale learning solutions across thousands of seats in multiple locations.


Some resist change. Others accept it as the price of progress. Us? We embrace it.

Helping your business turn change into opportunity is what were all about. That's why we design courses that are pragmatic and real-world ready, equipping workforces with the mission-critical tech skills to transform teams, supercharge careers and future-proof businesses.

From cybersecurity to cloud computing, AI to agile, our industry-accredited trainers deliver cutting-edge, vendor-certified content to over 30,000 students online, in classrooms and in workplaces, every year.


Learn with the experts.

To be the best, you need to train with the best. That's why all of our courses are delivered by award-winning, industry-accredited instructors with extensive product knowledge and real-world experience.

Leaders in their respective fields and with an average student rating of 4.8/5, our trainers will inspire your team to learn, thrive and grow.


More courses, more often. Guaranteed.

With 600+ courses across 12 categories, our public ICT training schedule is the largest in Australasia.

With an emphasis on in-demand training areas and cutting-edge, vendor-certified content, we guarantee our courses will always run as scheduled.


For more than three decades, we've been helping people master technological change.

As DDLS, we've upskilled thousands of teams and businesses, partnering with the world's top tech vendors to become Australasia's undisputed leaders in ICT training.

Now, under the banner of our new brand, Lumify, we're building on that legacy. Through our four core brands - Lumify Learn, Lumify Work and Lumify People - we're able to deliver on the full spectrum of IT training. So no matter what your skillset, where you are in the world, or how you prefer to learn, we can make it happen.