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We use our decades of training expertise, deep industry knowledge and unrivalled connections to propel you and your business forward. To go further, faster. To accelerate change.

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We are Lumify

For more than three decades, we've been helping people master technological change. As DDLS, we upskilled thousands of teams and businesses, partnering with the world's top tech vendors to become Australasia's undisputed leaders in ICT training.

Now, under the banner of our new brand, Lumify, we're building on that legacy. Through our three core brands - Lumify Learn, Lumify Work, and Lumify People - we're able to deliver on the full spectrum of IT training. So no matter what your skillset, where you are in the world, or how you prefer to learn, we can make it happen.

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Lumify Australia

Previously DDLS, Australia's largest corporate IT Training provider, Lumify Australia has 30 years of history, 6 campuses and trains in excess of 15,000 students every year.

Lumify Philippines

Launched back in 2019 and in the heart of Manilla CBD, Lumify Philippines is a joint venture between Lumify Group and Aboitiz, and providing a growing portfolio of IT Training options.

Lumify New Zealand

Previously Auldhouse, New Zealand's largest corporate IT Training provider - Lumify Group acquired Auldhouse in 2021 and is now fully integrated into our growing regional offer.

Nexacu powered by Lumify

Acquired in 2022, Nexacu is the largest provider of Microsoft end-user apps training in APAC, and nicely rounds out Lumfiy Group with the most comprehensive IT Training offering in APAC


Our leadership

You're only as good as the people you employ - which is why our team is made up of high-performing, award-winning people with decades of experience in the technology and learning sectors.

Our Values

Our values are what we live by, for both our people and our customers. We're here to turn change into opportunity by upskilling the world for tomorrow.



We believe in the transformative power of learning.


Connected expertise

We leverage our network to provide best-in-class learning experiences.



We’re innovative, forward-thinking & flexible.



We’re pragmatic, results-focused & accountable.



We’re deeply invested in the success & happiness of our students, staff & customers.



We use learning as a platform to bring about change.


Channel Partners

We collaborate with the biggest names in tech to create world-class, vendor-authorised learning experiences for our customers across a vast range of topics. More about our partners here

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We've upskilled thousands of teams and businesses, partnering with the world's top tech vendors to become Australia's undisputed leaders in ICT Training. Learn more about what makes Lumify Group so special.

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Lumify Group

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Some resist change. Others accept it as the price of progress. Us? We embrace it.

From first-time students to career-changers, upskillers to promotion-seekers, support techs to CTOs, we empower you to turn change into opportunity. We use our decades of training expertise, deep industry knowledge and unrivalled vendor connections to give you the edge you need to go further, faster.

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Lumify Learn

Hyper-relevant, accredited IT qualifications, globally-recognised certifications and vendor- certified bootcamps for individuals, delivered entirely online.

Lumify Work Logo
Lumify Work

Best-in-class, vendor-certified, IT training for business and enterprise customers, delivered in the classroom and online by industry-accredited trainers.

Lumify People Logo
Lumify People

Tailored IT learning solutions, technical advice and strategic consulting to upskill workforces and transform organisations from the inside out.

Nexacu Logo
Nexacu - Powered by Lumify

Through Nexacu, we deliver quality, instructor-led Microsoft app training for end-users across APAC.

City Desktop Training Logo
City Desktop Training - Powered by Lumify

Learn new creative skills through courses and custom training in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Web.