Corporate Social Responsibility

The ImppACT Team - Leading Our Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

We've brought together passionate people across all Lumify Group areas and locations - Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines - to drive our corporate social responsibility (CSR). They make up our ImppACT team.

The team's name stands for "Information, Making a difference, Planet, People, Action, Community, Technology." This reflects the team's vision of being "a group of awesome people, coming together to act and impact people and our planet."

Lumify Work is in the process of applying to become B Corp certified. This will allow us to become part of an international network of organisations, with the collective vision of transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities and the planet. The team has established Five Key Areas of Focus: People, Customers, Governance, Environment, and Community.

  • People - We are working towards engaging with our team to ensure their well-being and provide them with benefits, compensation, training & education, communication and flexibility relevant to their context.

  • Customers - We are focused on collaborating with customers to continuously improve on and offer products or services that are designed to address a particular social problem for or through ICT education.

  • Governance - We believe this is crucial for corporations and their communities. Our mission is to ensure that the company and its partners are accountable, transparent and compliant with legislation and codes of ethics.

  • Environment - We are watchful of how to make our materials and processes more sustainable in our offices and campuses. This is to reduce waste and the carbon footprint of our inputs and outputs.

  • Community - As we engage with our teams across APAC and grow our community of learners and partners, we seek to build meaningful relationships that foster diversity & inclusion and economic impact. This can take the form of job creation and charitable giving.

Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

The following provides an overview of activities we have planned in our drive to make a difference to people and the planet. If you have any ideas, or enquiries, or share our passion for CSR, please reach out to [email protected]

Corporate Social Responsibility Partners

As with staying ahead of the technology curve, our CSR initiatives are founded on strong partnerships with organisations whose visions and values are aligned with Lumify Work as a force for good to benefit people, communities and the planet. Our team kicked things off in June with the Push Up Challenge in Australia.

Our Partners:

The Smith Family