Lumify for Small Business


The rapid advancement of technology is a driving force behind the transformation of businesses. In order to adapt to the digital age, investing in top-notch technology is essential. However, it is equally important for employees to possess the skills necessary to use the technology effectively.

As the premier provider of information and communications technology training in Australasia, we have created customised training programs that enable small businesses to keep pace with the technological changes that drive business transformation. Our training offerings include cybersecurity, cloud, and project management, which can be tailored to suit your organisation's specific needs. Our primary goal is to help small business teams acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to build a digital presence, migrate to online solutions, and safeguard their data.

Our team of experts trains your teams to ensure that all tasks are performed with maximum efficiency, security, and adherence to industry best practices.

Lumify Work for Small Business

Cyber Security, Cloud and Project Management Training for small business

Lumify Work has put together self-paced and drop-in options for cyber security, cloud, and project management training for small business.

Our security awareness training for small business helps educate every member of your organisation on how to protect your business from external cyber threats. Courses range from end user training to a foundational certification course in cybersecurity that lets your identified team member get started with their cyber career track as the organisation expands.

With cloud computing training, you can learn how to leverage the cloud to grow faster, increase efficiencies and scale your company to the next level. We understand that small business teams are often pulled left and right to address different problems. So, we want to help you maximise cloud platforms so you can automate some tasks.

And you can develop your team’s project management capability to improve business results and deliver projects better, faster, and cheaper by implementing best practice project management processes. This way, your team has a clear structure for identifying who is responsible, accountable, consulted and informed about a project. With knowledge of project management frameworks, your team gains the confidence to strategise, prioritise and recognise when tasks are piling up and creeping in. 

If you are interested in increasing productivity and job satisfaction within your team, let's talk. Enquire about ICT training for your small business today.

Here are some of our specially designed small business courses:

Introduction to Cloud for Small Business - Self Paced

Are you new to the concept of "the Cloud"? This introductory cloud course will quickly get you familiar with cloud technologies and how they can be used to benefit a small business.