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Change starts within.

We help organisations keep pace with the rate of change by providing specialist advice, training, and support from the ground up.

Lumify People is built on the foundations of a 20-year partnership with the Australian Department of Defence. Since 2005, we’ve been delivering logistics systems training and learning services to the Navy, Army, RAAF, APS and contractor staff Australia-wide. Through our appointment to the Defence Support Services Panel, we provide a range of services that span logistics, program and project management, strategic management consultancy, and learning and development skill sets.

We are experienced in delivering multi-year, multi-million dollar business and tech initiatives. In 2018, our strategic advisory team became known as DDLS People. In 2022, DDLS rebranded to Lumify Group and DDLS People was renamed to Lumify People. We work with you to understand your challenges and build organisational capacity - whether that’s by providing people on-the-ground, delivering tailored learning solutions or embedding our specialists within your teams. 

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Empowering Defence and Beyond: Lumify People - Your Trusted Solution Partner

Lumify People Team is your trusted partner in providing comprehensive support to the Defence and Defence Industry. With a solid foundation rooted in a 20-year partnership with Defence, we offer diverse services to meet your needs. From logistics to program and project management, strategic management consultancy, and learning and development expertise, we have you covered.

What sets us apart is our team. Over 80% of our dedicated professionals, including our General Manager, are ex-Defence personnel. Their invaluable experience brings a service-oriented culture and a strong spirit of camaraderie into our workplace, ensuring we deliver excellence in everything we do.

As an active member of the Australian Industry Defence Network, we continuously reinforce our commitment to the industry. We continuously seek opportunities to support Defence initiatives while positively impacting the wider community. Join us, as we are always on the lookout for talented ex-Defence personnel to join our team and contribute to our shared mission.

Experience the Lumify People difference and let us help you analyze your business needs and implement effective solutions for success.

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