Nexacu Government Health Services Case Study

The health services industry is economically and emotionally essential, supporting an estimated 1.7 million jobs Australia-wide and providing care for people who need it most. Nexacu supported a health services client within the government hierarchy by building their staff's Excel proficiency to provide accurate reporting. With their training, they were able to reduce incorrect data reporting.

Their vital service supports an industry that means so much to so many Australians.


  • Lack of Excel proficiency that results in inconsistent reporting internally

  • Inability to provide accurate reports to important stakeholders and funding bodies

  • Lack of confidence in using Excel to carry out tasks, impacting morale


The team assisted the client by providing the Nexacu Skills test to identify different levels of Excel proficiency across the teams. Once completed, we organised tailored training sessions to upskill employees, encompassing identified learning outcomes.

Through targeted and practical Excel training, employees were able to improve efficiency and accuracy, mitigating the risk of correct reporting and boosting overall workplace productivity, confidence and morale.

By the numbers

  • 8,578 hours saved per annum

  • AU $357,440.01 saved per annum

  • 5% increase in efficiency

  • 1787% ROI after 1 year

  • 5362% ROI after 3 years

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