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Lumify Work Philippines for Government

In October of 2022, Lumify Work Philippines conducted Agile Project Management training for Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) and Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) delegates. Members of these two National Government agencies were equipped with the needed competencies to streamline their processes and ensure project completion.

This training was made possible through Aboitiz Equity Ventures Inc., an affiliate of Lumify in the country.

Agile Project Management training for public sector employees in the Philippines is seen as highly beneficial, helping enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of government projects and services.

The training offered by Lumify Work Philippines helped public servants from ARTA and DICT:

  1. Understand Agile Principles - Concepts such as iterative development, collaboration, and continuous improvement were discussed. The training highlighted how Agile can address challenges specific to government projects.

  2. Adapt the Agile framework to Government Settings - Government projects often have unique constraints, such as regulatory compliance, bureaucratic processes, and stakeholder expectations. The attendees could adapt Agile methodologies like Scrum to accommodate these constraints while still emphasising flexibility and customer satisfaction.

  3. Apply solutions to Government Use Cases - The training content incorporated real-life examples of government projects.

  4. Understand Change Management - The training introduced Agile methodologies and change management strategies, representing a substantial shift for government personnel who are accustomed to conventional project management methods

  5. Learn through practical workshops - Training included hands-on workshops and simulations where participants can experience Agile practices firsthand. This helped them understand how Agile ceremonies like sprint planning and daily stand-ups work in real-world situations.

  6. Learn about Agile Tools and Technologies - Participants tried out Agile tools and software that can aid project management, collaboration and tracking.

  7. Reinforce the culture of continuous improvement - Participants were encouraged to regularly assess their Agile practices, identify bottlenecks and enhance their procedures.

For more information, visit the Lumify Work Philippines website. Contact the team at [email protected] or 02 8286 9429.