Banner Image: Lumify Learn for the Victorian Digital Jobs Program

Lumify Learn for the Victorian Digital Jobs Program

Lumify Learn and the greater Lumify Group are proud to be part of the Victorian Government's Digital Jobs program, contributing to the state's burgeoning digital workforce.

Through our comprehensive 12-week training courses, backed by industry experts, we are empowering mid-career Victorians to seamlessly transition into exciting new digital careers. ​

Our program offers a wealth of cutting-edge skills and provides participants with invaluable placement opportunities in leading Victorian businesses. Together, we are laying the foundation for a dynamic and thriving digital economy.

The Digital Jobs program is helping Victorian businesses of all sizes by providing access to mid-career digital talent who bring experience from a wide range of sectors. Most participants are over 30 years of age, and more than half are women.

Participants will complete courses in high-demand specialist digital skill sets such as data analytics, digital marketing, cyber security and ten more. All courses are industry recognised and delivered by leading Victorian education providers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased the demand for digital skills, and as a result Victoria is working to meet the needs of a growing, digital economy.

The program is designed to help build the state’s digital workforce by upskilling mid-career Victorians so they can transition into digital careers.

As well as training, each participant will also undertake a 12-week internship with a Victorian business, and receive mentoring throughout the six month program, to assist them in finding long term employment beyond the program.

Lumify Group and Lumify Learn join a selection of industry-backed training providers, delivering courses in areas including cybersecurity, cloud, digital marketing, and agile project management.

Minister for Innovation Jaala Pulford says the Government was committed to growing Victoria’s pipeline of tech talent.

Pulford says, “We know the demand for digital talent is increasing rapidly, and the Digital Jobs program has been designed to build our tech workforce and create new opportunities for Victorians.

“It’s fantastic to see Lumify Learn at Lumify Group jumping on board. Their involvement will mean participants will learn from one of the state’s best training providers, equipping them with great skills for the next stage of their career.”

Successful applicants will work with recruitment agency InternMatch to find the most suitable course according to their career goals.

After the participants complete their chosen 12-week course, they are placed into a 12-week digital internship in a Victorian business, to help them further develop their new skills. Around 500 participants will begin their training each quarter. The last 2 cohorts of this program will be completed by Apr-24.

Notably, the courses developed by Lumify Learn feature content from industry leaders such as CompTIA, APMG International and Digital Marketing Institute (DMI), and provide students with access to a digital learning platform, which allows participants to move through the course content at a flexible pace.

The platform utilises a variety of tailored learning experiences, including video content, quizzes, hands-on labs and webinars, and connects students with a carefully curated group of experts, who are on-hand to mentor them through the course content and answer any questions.

Lumify Group CEO Jon Lang says,

“With 30 years of experience delivering in-demand, digital skills to Australia’s workforce, we are excited to be part of the Victorian Government’s Digital Jobs Program.

This program will be a crucial step in fixing Australia’s severe IT and cybersecurity skills shortages, which were made significantly worse when COVID-19 hit.

The pandemic has caused significant unemployment in certain areas, meanwhile there is a critical shortage in digital skills. It’s fantastic to see the Victorian Government taking a hands-on approach to addressing this issue by re-skilling mid-career Victorians into a high-demand area, which will aid Australia’s economic recovery in the future.

However, we really need this program to be replicated in all states and territories across Australia, if we are going to truly tackle the skills gap.”

Learn more when you visit the Lumify Learn website. Reach out to the team at [email protected] or 1800 936 230.