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Custom Digital ICT Training

Digital Products

You asked. We delivered—innovative new ways to train your team.

Introducing Lumify Digital Products

Many of our customers seek new ways to undertake their IT training. With a strong history of innovation and building on our experience delivering remote and virtual training, we have extended our digital training options to provide you with more flexibility and choice for your IT training needs.

Learn Your Way

We have developed a new range of digital learning modalities in response to the increasing demand for more remote and online IT training options. Importantly, all our training uses certified and approved courseware from the world’s leading vendors, as used in our industry-leading, instructor-led classroom-based training.

We understand that taking up to five days out of the office to attend one of our campuses to complete a course does not suit all companies and their people all the time. So we are pleased to introduce new learning methods that take advantage of our digital delivery capabilities.

Not only do you have more options for how your training is delivered, but our new digital course delivery also provides added flexibility in terms of time commitment and cost. Choose from self-paced online courses in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines, drop-in consultations and IT boot camps. Now you can design the perfect mix of IT training for the requirements of your business and people.

New Ways to Learn with Flexibility and Choice

Of course, we still offer our highly-popular 700+ instructor-led training courses, delivered in person by our leading IT trainers at campuses in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. The content and approach that is the foundation of our established IT training programs are at the heart of our new, digitally-focused course offerings.

Our new training modalities will complement our existing courses, providing more options on how and when your people are trained while preparing them for exams and certifications.

Virtual Learning
Virtual Learning

Live, virtual instructor-led training with additional self-directed learning modules.

Just like our renowned classroom-based training, but delivered virtually by our expert instructors.

  • 100% online IT training courses.

  • Virtual, instructor-led training.

  • Includes content for self-directed learning in between instructor-led lessons.

  • Uses approved, certified courseware from leading global vendors.

  • Follow learning and certification pathways.

  • Comprehensive learning program designed to prepare you for exams and certification.

Digital Bootcamps
Digital Bootcamps

A live digital kick-off event, followed by intensive online learning with regular check-ins.

Short, immersive, community-based digital training programs conducted over a set period.

  • 100% online IT training courses.

  • Six to 12 weeks duration, depending on the course selected.

  • Virtual, live kick-off event.

  • Self-paced learning of online modules with a calendar to guide completion.

  • Weekly virtual check-ins with Lumify Work trainers.

  • Includes labs and Q&A sessions.

  • Vendor-approved course content.

  • Virtual graduation event at the end of course.

  • Ready for certification exam on completion of the course.


Self-directed and self-paced learning that can be completed in your own time.

Online courses can be done when you want, where you want. Guide your own learning outcomes.

  • 100% online IT training.

  • Includes videos and other learning materials.

  • Vendor-approved courseware.

  • Wide range of course options.

  • Learn at your own pace.

  • Take as long, or as little, as you desire.

Digital Academy
Digital Academy

Customised digital training designed for companies and delivered within their own tailored online portal.

Tailored to meet the needs of your business, with customised skills pathways developed by Lumify Work with you.

  • Tailored training designed for your business and people.

  • Lumify works with you to design learning pathways to provide the IT skills your business needs.

  • Extensive consulting to determine ideal learning outcomes and pathways.

  • Customised learning portal, exclusive to your business.

  • Choose from a range of face-to-face and digital training modalities.

  • All training uses courseware certified by leading global vendors.

  • Preparation for exams and certifications.

Lumify Plus
Lumify Plus

Our new online learning pathway extends students’ knowledge beyond their course and prepares them for future courses.

With Lumify Plus, you can learn anywhere and take it everywhere. It’s the ideal way to keep learning long after completing your Lumify Work course at your own pace.

  • 100% online.

  • Subscription model.

  • Access to valuable online content, including e-learning modules, e-books and audiobooks.

  • Access to our leading Lumify Work instructors, online and in small group settings.

  • Prepare for future courses, exams and further certifications.

  • Receive curated industry insights and relevant job postings.

  • Virtual learning labs with simulations to practice in real-world scenarios.

  • Easy online access from your desktop or mobile device so you can learn anywhere and take it everywhere.