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Skilling Australia's Defence Industry Grants Program

Skilling Australia’s Defence Industry Grants provide businesses servicing the defence sector with upskilling and training opportunities to build skills capacity and capability to meet current or future Defence needs.

What do you get?

A grant between $5,000 and $500,000 to undertake various defence skills training activities. You may apply for multiple grants or group multiple eligible activities into one application. The funding is capped at $500,000 in a six-year period from 2020–21 to 2025–26 for:

  • each eligible business; and

  • each industry association that is applying for funding to train its own staff.

Who is this for?

  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that currently have a Defence contract, are tendering for one, are a subcontractor to a defence prime or contracted through the Prime's supply chain to deliver on defence projects.

  • Defence Industry Associations training their own staff or facilitating training to businesses they are representing.

  • Defence Industry Associations applying for funding for eligible activities for the eligible businesses they are representing.

Lumify Group and Skilling Australia’s Defence Industry Grants

  • Nexacu and Grants for Defence-related SMEs
    Learn about upskilling your employees in end user applications to increase morale and productivity. Nexacu is an Australian-based software skills training company that offers courses across the Microsoft suite and beyond. Get more details on funding from grants given by the government for Defence-related SMEs.

  • Lumify Work and Defence Small Businesses
    Explore how Defence SMEs can look beyond what's required for technical roles and into diversifying markets, prioritising optimisation, ensuring cyber readiness, resolving admin issues and navigating the Defence ecosystem through training with Lumify Work (formerly DDLS Training) and Skilling Australia’s Defence Industry Grants Program.