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Lumify Defence Academy

Lumify Group (formerly DDLS Group) is committed to upskilling and preparing our defence personnel for their work in Australia and deployment. We are excited to extend our quality training solutions beyond active ADF personnel to include training options for Defence families and soldiers who have or are transitioning to civilian life.

Regardless of your IT Training needs – whether you want to upskill for a new career, a pathway to university or recognition of your skills/ knowledge, the Lumify Group of companies will have the course and flexible delivery options to suit your training needs.

Significantly, as a member of the greater Defence Family, our team will help you by extending special pricing or bonus training solutions to ensure you get the most out of your training and reach your goals sooner.

Partnering with major IT vendors like Microsoft, AWS, Google and more, the Lumify Team are constantly working to find more programs and benefits for our Defence Family. It is not just about our courses; the Lumify Group Defence Academy is also about how we can help you!

For Soldiers:

Utilise your Career Transition Training Funding to boost your skills and prepare for your first civilian role. Whether IT is a new career path or you want to transfer your IT skills and knowledge, our Team will help you identify the best course/s to accelerate your path to a Civilian IT Career.

Leverage your transferable skills, acquired through discipline and teamwork, in a thriving industry that values your strengths. The IT field offers diverse roles, from software development to cybersecurity, allowing you to choose a path that resonates with you. Benefit from flexible work options, continuous learning, and global opportunities while making impactful contributions. Build a stable and fulfilling post-military career in IT, where your skills find a meaningful new purpose.

For Defence Spouses:

Pursue a rewarding career in Information Technology (IT) as a defence spouse. With its portability, flexibility and diverse paths, IT is an ideal choice for those navigating the challenges of a military lifestyle.

IT offers various specialisations to match your interests, whether it's software development, cybersecurity, data analysis, or network administration. Enjoy the benefits of remote work, transferable skills, and continuous learning, all while building a resilient career that can thrive through relocations. Join the dynamic world of IT and seize opportunities regardless of your geographical location.

For Defence Children:

Empower defence kids with a promising future through a career in IT. With worldwide demand, flexible specialisations, and remote study and work possibilities, IT perfectly fits their dynamic military upbringing.

Build on their strengths, enjoy continuous learning, and explore diverse roles such as programming and cybersecurity. Prepare the next generation for a technology-driven world while embracing their unique background and potential. Lumify courses will support Defence kids to fast track to a career or fast track to university.

More Support with Lumify Edge

Bridge the gap between Learning and Earning. Lumify Edge is designed to give our students the tools they need to launch a fulfilling and well-paid IT career. This 3-step program bridges the gap between learning and earning.

  1. Rebranding:  Our professional resume and portfolio services ensure that future employers recognise our students as top candidates in the industry.

  2. Lumify Edge Portal: Access jobs and internships available through our partner network

  3. Internships:  Apply to our Study & Work internship program to gain real-world experience. Boost your skills, confidence and career prospects.

Study & Career Pathways with the Lumify Group

Lumify Work

Lumify Works courses accelerate the careers of IT professionals. Offering over 700+ instructor lead vendor certification courses, Lumify Work as the course and study pathways to support experienced IT professionals to a career in civilian life.

Lumify Learn

Lumify Learn offers a range of Nationally Accredited and Bootcamp courses that are designed explicitly for Career Starters and Career Changers. These courses will fast-track you to a new career in IT and can also provide a pathway to university.

The Lumify Learn team will help you choose the best course to start your career in IT.

Lumify People

At Lumify People, we empower our clients to navigate the ever-evolving landscape by offering expert guidance, comprehensive training, and steadfast support. Whether it's customised IT learning solutions, strategic consultancy, or technical expertise, we elevate teams and revolutionise organisations from within. With a growing demand for ADF personnel, particularly those with IT proficiency, in both Industry and Defence Contracts, we specialise in helping you harness your Defence Career and expertise to forge a fulfilling and prosperous path in the civilian IT sector.


The Nexacu team deliver a comprehensive range of Apps training to prepare everyone for work and study. Upskill in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more to ensure you are efficient and confident to take on your next role. These courses are a must for anyone entering the workforce or preparing for future study.

What else

Read about success stories and more programs and offers designed to add value to Defence Personnel.

Card Listing Image Lumify Defence Academy MSSA
Microsoft Software and Systems Academy (MSSA)

The MSSA is a 17-week intensive program is designed to give veterans with in-demand technology skills help in overcoming the challenges they face when transitioning from military service to civilian employment. Microsoft partnered with Lumify to deliver the MSSA. Get insights from Lumify CEO Jon Lang and participant and veteran Matt Smith.

Card Listing Image Lumify Defence Academy Lumify Learn 10 OFF
Lumify Learn 10% Off Upfront Pricing

Defence Personnel, their spouses or children can enjoy 10% off upfront pricing on Nationally Accredited and Bootcamp courses from Lumify Learn. Set yourself up for a career in cyber security, networking, web development, cloud computing, marketing and more. Access world-leading content created in partnership with the biggest names in tech.

Card Listing: Lumify Defence Academy: AWS Discovery Day
Lumify Defence Academy: AWS Discovery Day

Get an introduction to the AWS Cloud. AWS Discovery Days, hosted by an authorised AWS Trainer, provide an introduction to a range of cloud concepts including security, machine learning, migrations, and modern data strategy. Expert AWS Instructors will help you learn what’s possible in the cloud and how to achieve it with AWS.