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Lumify Cyber Security Assessor

Lumify Cyber Security Assessor

Our Assessor platform, built and powered by FifthDomain for Lumify, supports our clients in evaluating an individual’s or team’s cyber skills via skills-based assessments in real-world, experiential environments. The Assessor platform’s rich reporting insights support management decision-making, so you can understand where individual and team capabilities and gaps are and utilise Lumify training to build capability.


Pick and mix from realistic scenarios to craft your ideal cyber candidate screening experience. Leverage our platform’s data insight and analysis to measure and visualize the capability of your prospective hires and internal transfers. By assessing based on skill, you can unlock access to additional talent from non-traditional pathways to get the edge in the war for cyber talent. Whether building a new cyber security operations capability or levelling up an existing one, Assessor means you can hire and operate confidently.

Deploying the Skills Assessment platform within your organisation will provide a clear picture of your employees' current cyber security skills and identify areas for improvement, allowing us to develop targeted training solutions.


Through evaluating and improving your cyber security skills, you can reduce the risk of significant consequences, including financial losses, damage to reputation, and loss of customer trust.

Assessor Features:

  • A dedicated challenges content library for clients made up of 50 challenges, of which six challenges are using VMs, and 44 are static challenges.

  • Ideal for recruitment and ongoing skills assessment of individuals to outline recommended skills training as assessments can be tailored to individuals or teams with selected challenges aligning to roles or skills within the organisation.

  • Rich reporting insights support management decision-making.

  • Convenient and secure https access for participants.

  • Scalable solution – the Assessor platform can scale to as many assessments as needed.

  • Participants access the platform, including VMs in the platform, quickly and easily.

  • Reporting on individual performance in an assessment.

  • Reporting includes comparison to the assessment pool.

Visit our Assessor Platform page to learn more.