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Lumify Phishing and Awareness Training Platform

Lumify Phishing and Awareness Training Platform

Phishing emails are considered a significant business problem because they can lead to financial losses, damage to reputation, legal liability, and productivity loss. According to IBM, the average cost of a data breach with a phishing initial attack vector in 2022 was USD $4.91 million.

Phishing attacks can damage a business's reputation, as it may compromise sensitive customer or employee data. This can result in a loss of trust from customers and partners, which can have long-lasting effects and lead to financial losses, damage to reputation, legal liability, and productivity loss.

With email still the most common vector for threat actors, employees must be conditioned to spot and report email threats immediately. Phishing awareness is more than knowing what a phishing email may look like.

We have partnered with Cofense, a leading email security provider, to supply PhishMe, a Phishing awareness platform that conditions your staff to recognise and report bad emails, uniting your human defenders in the fight against email threats.

PhishMe is a SaaS platform that immerses users in a real-world experience via the solution’s customizable scenarios, which simulate the most relevant threats, like BEC (Business Email Compromise), and provide instant, relevant education to users who are the most susceptible to these attacks.

Preprepared playbooks provide a series of scenarios, landing pages, attachments, and educational content to run throughout the year, saving you time when setting up and deploying. This content has been created using actual phishing emails reported within the ANZ region to ensure they are relevant and accurate to current phishing emails sent to organisations.

In addition to the Phishing Simulator platform to keep your employees trained on identifying phishing emails, we have also included access to ongoing awareness training through our digital platform covering subjects such as keeping passwords secure and practising safe web surfing. Our modules cover the physical security of devices and protecting data outside the office. We know that engaging, interactive models make for better learning, and each module contains concise lessons with interactive play, gamification and learning activities to help absorb and retain content allowing you to deploy a combination of awareness training, micro learnings and gamification across your team to ensure they are confident and aware of the different types of threats they could be exposed to.

This training will also help your organisation's security awareness training requirements should you have these, and compliance reports of completion rates can be provided.

Visit our Phishing and Awareness Training Platform page to learn more.