Re-homing orphaned sites for warehouse management enhancement project

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A new warehouse management system and organisational restructure led to many Defence warehouses being orphaned. Lumify People (previously known as DDLS People) was tasked to re-home these warehouses to relevant client geographic areas, including developing automated data transfers to update the new logistics system.

DDLS People Case Study Images - Rehoming Warehouse


The project had several important and related components that all needed to work together to ensure a seamless transition, data preservation and minimal disruptions to the client’s day-to-day logistics and warehouse operations.

Re-homing orphaned warehouses to relevant geographic areas and their associated inventory required Lumify People supply chain experts to conduct strategic analysis, client consultation and careful planning.

At the same time, historical data and workflows needed to be transitioned to the new logistics system without loss. Additionally, the Lumify People team needed to develop new, automated processes to transfer the sheer volume of data involved.


The Lumify People project team undertook a comprehensive desktop review of the orphaned warehouses, associated data and processes. A visual presentation of the current (or ‘as is’) state was prepared and presented during several stakeholder workshops.

The team developed a project plan and schedule to facilitate the implementation of this large and complex system and change project. Roadmaps were used to present the current state and the plan to get to the future (or ‘to be’) state.

The team created customised visual artefacts to show how historical data would be documented and stored. They rendered other visual tools to demonstrate how the warehouse and data realignment would meet internal audit requirements.

The project team also developed an automation solution to transfer inventory records into the new warehouse management system, including adopting the new requirements for seamless integration. Approximately 60,000 bulk data load lines per day were created as part of the implementation phase, with macros feeding the correct data into the logistics information system.


Lumify People completed this large and complex logistics support project for Defence with minimal impact on client operations during or post the warehouse and data realignment.

Orphaned warehouses were successfully aligned to their relevant geographic locations, and there was no interruption to supply chain support provided to customers for the project's duration.