Problematic items of supply? No problem.

Delivering successful client and project outcomes for 20 years.

Lumify People (previously known as DDLS People) were tasked with developing and implementing a plan to identify and manage problematic items of supply including hazardous chemicals, providing experienced supply chain and logistics managers to identify and remediate over 1.3 million records.



A significant hazardous chemicals investigation resulted in our client agreeing to a range of undertakings, including four involving logistics. The scope included:

  • Review all logistics information systems.

  • Establish operational and reverse logistic systems to prevent the entry of prohibited and hazardous materials.

  • Identify procedures to enable health surveillance.

  • Enable improved management of prohibited and hazardous materials across all inventories.

Lumify People was engaged to review all hazardous chemical policies, procedures, data quality and integrity across multiple logistics systems. During initial scoping, it became apparent that the initial project parameters required significant expansion to include radiation, asbestos, lithium, mercury, veterinary items and therapeutic goods.

With far greater complexity and increased permutations, the project became much larger but contributed to a more agile, robust and accurate software solution for our client.


The Lumify People team created a project execution plan that was undertaken in two workstreams.

Workstream 1

  • Test and implement new scripting methodology in logistics systems.

  • Review over 1.3 million records to identify all PIOS characteristics.

  • Test and implement new warnings and pop-up messages across all materials touchpoints.

  • Integrate all PIOS characteristics into new software.

Workstream 2

This workstream introduced profiling and cross-referencing at a platform level through the implementation and population of a range of profile scripts including:

  • Applicability Code Profile.

  • Product Schedule Profile.

  • Identification of Authorised Documents.


The completion of the project ensured our client met regulatory compliance timeframes and had the necessary procedural documentation for ongoing management.

All levels of client management are able to request reports that identify which platforms contain legislative, regulatory and PIOS or vice versa, such as mercury, asbestos, beryllium, cadmium, tritium etc.

As a result of a successful project completion over a five year period, the Lumify People team received a commendation which read in part:

“I commend you for your tireless and exemplary performance in carrying out your duties as the PIOS Team. Your high level of teamwork, dedication and professionalism have been a major contributing factor to the PIOS Workstream 1 & 2 delivery.  Through your engagement with stakeholders across Defence you have displayed an outstanding awareness of the key issues to be addressed, and a high order of business acumen to influence and deliver strategic outcomes.”