Making major equipment disposals more agile.

Delivering successful client and project outcomes for 20 years.

The project scheduling expertise of Lumify People (previously known as DDLS People) was utilised to refine and consolidate project documentation including project plans, scheduling, documentation and risk management to increase the effectiveness and improve the efficiencies in delivering up to 20 major disposal projects at any one time.

DDLS People Consulting


Our client provides support in planning and executing the disposal of major equipment and capability platforms.

At any one time, they are responsible for managing over 20 disposal projects of major defence equipment. Prior to the commencement of this program, each of these major disposal projects had its own set of project documentation including a project plan, schedule and risk management plan.

Each project required accompanying documentation to be updated regularly. A Lumify People expert project scheduler was engaged to review and consolidate the project planning and scheduling processes to improve effectiveness and increase efficiencies.


The Lumify People expert project scheduler commenced the program with a review of all information relating to extant major disposal project schedules and interviews with all key stakeholders.

Using Open Plan Professional as the scheduling tool, a master schedule was developed in consultation with stakeholders that accurately captured and reflected the 20-plus major disposal projects underway at any given time.

An agile project management methodology was adopted to refine the master schedule over time as new major disposal projects have commenced, or current disposal projects have been completed and closed.

Importantly, our project scheduler identified and introduced a range of project efficiencies and interdependencies across the portfolio of projects to enable our client to make strategic decisions as issues arise across their portfolio of major disposal projects.


The most significant outcome for our client is complete oversight of all major disposal projects in terms of progress, risk, interdependencies and delivery tracking. This ensures more accurate progress reporting to various stakeholders, improved management of scope-creep and fast resolution of delivery issues, leading to more effective and efficient project delivery.

Other important outcomes include the development of a monthly master schedule progress report using data analytics to depict key aspects and recommended actions, and the capturing and reporting of project performance risk at the portfolio level.