Staying on Course During the Pandemic.

Delivering successful client and project outcomes for 20 years.

Lumify People (previously known as DDLS People) stepped up to the challenge of reviewing, redesigning and rewriting nine courses in a condensed four-week period during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic to meet client needs and improve learning outcomes for course participants transitioning to remote learning.

Learning and Development


Lumify People has partnered with our client since 2001, developing, writing, reviewing and delivering more than 70 courses Defence systems logistics courses. Courses are delivered via various modalities including face-to-face classroom learning, remote marking and more recently a virtual classroom model to facilitate remote learning.

The challenge is to keep courseware and facilitation methodologies current and compliant to Defence requirements. With a commitment to the highest standards, Lumify People constantly reviews course material, conducts instructor and student feedback, incorporates of the latest Defence policies and procedures, and consults closely with client stakeholders.

As the COVID-19 pandemic created widespread upheaval, particularly with face-to-face training, this project facilitated learning while remote delivery was established. Nine courses required urgent updating, within a four week timeframe.


The Lumify People team undertook a comprehensive review and updating program over a condensed four-week period to deliver nine updated courses to Defence standards and needs.

The project comprised of various tasks that had to be co-ordinated carefully and quickly:

  • Review existing courseware, review of unresolved feedback, review of suggested changes and a review of a related Manual and procedure.

  • Update and re-write courseware, change both structure and content, incorporate changing Defence procedures.

  • Peer review of all courseware to ensure content, grammar and spelling was accurate.

  • Delivery of all courseware to client team for final review and approval.

  • Printing and distribution of updated courseware.


Nine courses were updated, delivered and approved by our client within the target timeframe of four weeks, ensuring training was uninterrupted during the transition to remote learning.

The entire team at Lumify People tasked with this project were committed to a collaborative and responsive process, and worked tirelessly to create updated course content, while responding to client input and changes during the entire process.

The updated courses were very well received by our client and course participants, with logical flow, and information and activities that ensured learners could grasp complex concepts. In addition, learners became better equipped with practical knowledge to take into their working environments.