Data helps drive supply chain optimisation.

Delivering successful client and project outcomes for 20 years.

An expert team from Lumify People (previously known as DDLS People) was deployed to advise on a range of supply chain optimisation projects to improve inventory and warehousing operations and reduce the cost of inventory ownership, along with a number of data improvement projects.



Our client identified various opportunities as part of a stocktaking reform program to reduce the cost of inventory ownership, reduce the stock-take burden and improving inventory accuracy.

This program had a broad scope and included:

  • Review of inventory and warehousing migration design and data profiling.

  • Business reconciliation activities and data remediation (enrichment and cleansing).

  • Supply chain data improvement.

  • Quality assurance activities.

Lumify People deployed an expert five-person team to complement the client’s extant team and lead the planning and delivery of a number of projects.


The Lumify People team was made up of professionals with diverse but complementary skill sets to manage different aspects of project delivery. Each team member undertook research of extant documentation and conducted exploratory meetings with key stakeholders.

Project plans were allocated across the Lumify People team covering scope, deliverables and governance schedules, risk management, performance metrics and reporting. Team members also provided gap training and coaching to client staff as required.

A range of distinct but related projects were undertaken, including:

  • Developing and implementing the Inventory Optimisation Plan along with Business Process Improvement review projects.

  • Analyse complex supply chain data and produce reports for senior stakeholders.

  • Complex supply chain compliance and assurance reviews and use findings to undertake strategic planning, program and project management, and policy development.

  • Ensure ERP inventory and warehousing operations modules deliver functionality to enable effective monitoring, management and reporting on governance matters.

  • Undertake complex supply chain statistical analysis to scope issues, problems and to assess the progress of supply chain optimisation activities.


The Lumify People team led and contributed to a range of key client outcomes including:

  • Development and implementation of a range of effective supply chain initiatives that assisted in reducing the cost of inventory ownership and the previous stock-take burden.

  • Identification and delivery of a suite of inventory optimisation and business improvements across Australia including site inspections to assess efficacy of initiatives.

  • Ongoing review of ERP inventory and warehouse data migration design and data profiling strategies to manage risk, solution functionality, complex business mapping, business continuity, data assurance and coordination of data remediation.

  • Design, build and implementation of a range of bespoke supply chain analytical and support tools for supply chain assurance and stock-take activities.