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Careers - What happens next?

Our recruiting principles

Our values are what we live by, for both our people and our customers. We're here to turn change into opportunity by upskilling the world for tomorrow.

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We want to know the true you

We want to hire people who will make Lumify better - people who will add to our culture with their personalities, unique ideas and diverse backgrounds.


Resumes aren't everything

There’s no such thing as a perfect resume. That’s why degrees aren’t required for many roles, and career gaps or switches are welcomed.


Success is in our nature

We want you to get the role. Don’t be afraid to ask the recruitment team for advice or guidance during your hiring journey, we’re here to help.


We prepare too

We are constantly evolving, much like our recruitment process. This ensures that we are creative, objective and inclusive throughout the process.


Feedback is important

We share feedback with candidates after interviews to support their future opportunities, but we welcome feedback too so we can continue to be better.

The Recruitment Process

What can you expect during your application process at Lumify? From your submission to the phone interview all the way through to onboarding, Get insights on the steps involved.

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1. Apply

Once you've applied, our recruitment team will review your application and follow up within 14 days about whether or not we'll be moving forward with your application.

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2. Phone Interview

The recruiter will call to learn more about you and answer any questions. You should not expect personalised feedback at this stage

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3. Interviewing

You'll interview either over video through Microsoft Teams or in person. This could be broken down into 2 stages and you may meet with 2-3 Lumifiers in this step. If we decide not to proceed with your application, you'll receive the decision via email.

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4. Decision Making

Hopefully, after the hiring team debriefs, you will receive an offer. If not, we always provide candidates with thoughtful feedback for future interviews.

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5. Employment Screening

Once you have been identified as the successful candidate, we will contact two business references. If required, you may also be asked to complete a police check.

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6. Onboarding

Once you've accepted an offer, our recruitment team will give you all the information you need about joining Lumify. Expect an introduction to the company, self-paced modules assigned and any additional information you may need for your role.