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Lumify - It’s not a word you’ll find in the dictionary, but it’s a word that means a lot to us. We define Lumify as the process of illuminating lives through learning. It’s about striving to be smarter, to do better, to go further, and to shine brighter. Our purpose is to turn change into opportunity by upskilling the world for tomorrow.

Whether you are an experienced trainer or wanting to try something new, we would love to hear from you. We have over 700 courses available to students and if you are an expert in an area of technology and want to share your experiences and knowledge with our students, apply your expression of interest today. We are looking for trainers on a permanent and contractor agreement. We will reach out when a suitable role is available.

A day in the life of a Lumify Trainer


80% of Your Time Training Students

We believe in empowering our trainers to excel in what they do best - training. We ensure that you dedicate 80% of your time towards enriching our students' learning experiences. We put your expertise in focus, providing an environment that fosters growth, innovation, and direct impact on the next generation of IT professionals. You bring the knowledge; we provide the platform for you to impart it. This is not just a job, but a platform for you to transform careers, influence the future of IT, and leave a lasting legacy in the tech world.


Your Platform for Learning, Leadership, and Legacy

As part of our commitment to your continuous learning, we allocate 20% of your time to study, prepare, and work with our dedicated internal sales teams on significant corporate training programs. This collaboration allows you to stay at the forefront of IT trends and gain exposure to business development, creating a unique blend of teaching and corporate insight. We enable our trainers to be leaders in the field, and as part of our team, you get to shape the future of IT training, while continually expanding your own professional horizons.


Be a Beacon of Digital Skills Across APAC

Our company proudly trains over 30,000 students each year across the Asia-Pacific region, and as a trainer with us, you are at the forefront of this vast educational impact. Your expertise and dedication directly contribute to the competency and digital readiness of tomorrow's professionals. Being a part of our team means not just teaching but influencing the tech landscape, creating waves of innovation across the industry, and helping mould a tech-empowered future. This is your chance to make a real, tangible difference – one student, one class, one digital skillset at a time.


Innovate Beyond the Classroom

At the heart of our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the belief that our trainers are not just educators but innovators. Your role extends beyond the classroom into the evolution of our product line. We involve our trainers directly in the updating and refining process of our training certifications and credentials. This gives you a unique opportunity to shape the learning experiences we offer and to directly impact the value of the credentials our students earn. Here, your insights and expertise don't just illuminate the classroom; they light up our entire product development process. Join us, and leave your mark on the ever-evolving landscape of IT education.


Shape the Learning Journey as an IT Trainer

Beyond facilitating sessions, you play a significant role in content creation and review, bringing your valuable insights and cutting-edge knowledge directly into our curricula. This involvement allows you to shape the course material, ensuring it remains relevant, practical, and aligned with the evolving IT landscape. It's an opportunity to influence the learning journey of thousands of students, ensuring they are well-equipped for their future IT careers. Your expertise doesn't just guide our students; it crafts the learning tools that empower them.


Inspire Growth Within Lumify

Trainers at Lumify have a unique opportunity to contribute not only to the development of our students, but also our internal teams. As a vital part of our knowledge ecosystem, you are empowered to support your colleagues in their career growth, sharing your expertise and fostering a culture of continuous learning within our organisation. This offers a rewarding chance to make a difference within Lumify itself, shaping the skills of your peers and helping them reach their full potential. Your impact here goes beyond the student body; it resonates throughout the entire organisation, making Lumify a hub of growth and innovation, fueled by your expertise.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing and Virtualisation

Tap into the quadfecta. Lumify Work has all of your clouds covered with authorised training from leading vendors like AWS, Google, Microsoft, VMware, and more.

Agile and Scrum
Agile and Scrum

Lumify Work offers courses in Agile, and the Scrum executional approach, to help organisations work faster and smarter.

Application and Web Development
Application and Web Development

Lumify Work app and web development training offers deep learning for developing real world applications and web development across a wide range of platforms.


Why work with Lumify?

At Lumify Group, we believe we are the right fit for you.



With our hybrid model, you can choose to work in any campus, or split your time between the campus and home.



We believe in the transformative power of learning.



We’re deeply invested in the success & happiness of our students, staff & customers.



We use learning as a platform to bring about change.


Celebrate You

Our people do incredible work and deserve great rewards.

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We are Lumify

Some resist change. Others accept it as the price of progress. Us? We embrace it.

From first-time students to career-changers, upskillers to promotion-seekers, support techs to CTOs, we empower you to turn change into opportunity. We use our decades of training expertise, deep industry knowledge and unrivalled vendor connections to give you the edge you need to go further, faster.

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