Banner: TechDay 10-Minute IT Jams - An update on ICT skilling with Lumify

TechDay 10-Minute IT Jams - An update on ICT skilling with Lumify

By Jon Lang  |  March 3, 2023

Our CEO Jon Lang spoke with the TechDay Australia team about the gap in the tech workforce. And he shares the story behind Lumify's rebrand from DDLS and our training offerings in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines, designed to help individuals and organisations meet the demand.

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Watch the video below. During the 10-minute jam, they discuss:

  • What are Lumify's key products and offerings?

  • The reasoning behind Lumify's recent re-brand?

  • What trends are Lumify's product development teams laser-focused on next

  • What infrastructure or resources Lumify has in the APAC market

  • The best way to engage with Lumify

Meeting the ICT skills demand in the region

As the nature of work changes and as we use technology to address community and consumer needs, the need for people with advanced and fundamental technology skills increases.

Copy of LFY - Work - Blog Image 1920 x 1080 10-Minute IT Jams - An update on ICT skilling with Lumify

Even as we can automate some tasks, there is value in both people who can program these automations and in people who leverage automation towards achieving business goals and improving team and customer experiences.

  • 260,000 people will be needed in the technology workforce by 2025, according to the Technology Council of Australia. Beyond niche and specialist tech roles, the need for digital skills impacts professionals across industries. LinkedIn research found a shift in work towards a skills-based approach, with an increased emphasis on technical upskilling across most industries, particularly those in professional services such as information technology and business.

  • In New Zealand, the 2020 Digital Skills Survey found that employers anticipate needing 4-5,000 new digital technology professionals annually into the near future. The survey suggests the highest demand is for software developers, data analysts and cybersecurity experts.In addition, the shift from traditional on-premise computing to cloud omputing is driving demand for skills related to cloud-native environments such as Azure and AWS.

  • LinkedIn's Jobs on the Rise list indicates that the rapid and continued shift towards digitalisation leads to job growth for tech specialists who understand how to drive business growth and mitigate risks in the Philippines. These include roles like Insights Analysts, Delivery Specialists and Project Managers, Agile Product Owners, Data Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Cyber Security Specialists and Cloud Engineers.

As DDLS consolidates our offerings under one roof - the Lumify Group - we aim to provide customers with access to our broader range of products and services for ICT skilling. With one brand, no siloes, 700+ ICT courses, ten campuses in the Asia Pacific and the many trainers you love, we look forward to supporting you in 2023 and beyond.

If you'd like more information about Lumify Group and our ICT course offerings, please contact us by completing the form on this page or by calling us at 1800 U LEARN (853 276).