Banner: Tech Skills Shortage Sees New Solutions

Tech Skills Shortage Sees New Solutions

By Jon Lang  |  February 13, 2023

In this interview from December 2022, Mike Loder of Ticker News TV speaks with Lumify Group CEO Jon Lang about the IT skills shortage in Australia.

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They also touch on how to improve digital skills through training and how Lumify's rebrand from DDLS supports this with its wide range of training offers across areas of expertise and locations.

Watch the video and read the transcript below.

Tech skills shortage sees new solutions as training and education bring boost in expertise

Mike Loder: Hello and welcome back to Ticker News Insight where we are looking to focus on the best of business with clever people, joining me from right around the world. I'm your host Mike Loder and to our latest story: Jon Lang is the CEO of Lumify Group - Australasia's largest provider of ICT training courses.

The company has recently rebranded and aims to tackle the critical technology skills shortages currently facing the ANZ region. It's an ongoing topic and I'm glad I've got Jon helping me today.

Good to see you, my friend!

Jon Lang: Mike thanks for having me, no worries at all.

Mike: So, what was the objective of the rebranding that you guys have undertaken? And I guess what will change for the 30,000+ students that you guys train each year?

Jon: I suppose for over the past 30 or so years, we were previously known as DDLS. We've significantly expanded into lots of different services and new industries. So, we launched an online learning company.

We've done some recent acquisitions over the ditch, over in New Zealand; we bought a business called Auldhouse, which is actually New Zealand's largest ICT training provider.

And then more recently, we purchased a business called Nexacu which is Australia's largest Microsoft end-user apps training provider.

So, with all this growth and expansion, and the fact it was 30 years, we felt that this was the right time to unite all of our brands. Because there were lots of different brands and services. And they're now under that single unified brand. which is really exciting.

Mike: So, what does the new name “Lumify” encompass to you and the team? And why did you guys choose that name specifically?

Jon: Sure, look it was a big process. I had the whole Marketing team involved. We knew we needed to do this, but I was happy. And it really stood out, the name “Lumify,” which actually means to illuminate.

It was chosen to really reflect our extensive IT training experience but, ultimately. The name “Lumify” was chosen to reflect the company's belief in the power of learning and ultimately its ability to really enlighten and transform our students.

So, we’re very excited about where we landed on that one.

Mike: Good stuff from you guys! So, what is Lumify Group's unique offering compared to other ICT training providers? Just to bring it back to what you guys are offering.

Jon: Look, there is no doubt it's a packed space, digital training. But what we are extremely fortunate enough to be is that there is no other training provider in Australasia that has the same breadth of courses and flexible training formats that we offer.

So Lumify Group, we're actually the largest provider not just IT but also specifically cyber security training as well as process training. We have 11 purpose-built campuses all around Australia New Zealand and the Philippines.

And the best thing is, and it's unique, it's not just about the campuses. We also now have a full digital team that can deliver to individual, specific needs. So that's bespoke, in-house developed courses. We can do face-to-face sessions, purely online, or blended.

And ultimately there's no other provider with this wider reach in terms of geography and also more importantly, the vendors that we have. Whether it's the powerhouses, the likes of Microsoft, AWS, VMware -- all these high-tech providers that we are an authorised training provider of. There’s no one else that can do that.

Mike: Jon, the breadth of education that you guys look like you can provide is incredible to think about. So, how does Lumify Group aim to tackle that critical within the technology sector, specifically? It's been a big one, I've been speaking to a lot of people about it. Take us through looking to help.

Jon: Look, there's a lot happening. We all know that and that. There's a lot of media out there at the moment about the digital skills shortage. The Technology Council of Australia, I think, estimate we need around 286,000 workers to join the tech sector by 2025 and here we are we're about to hit 2023. So, we haven't got a lot of time now.

Ultimately, universities are just simply unable to fill this gap that's nearly 300,000 people within the next few years. And that's where we come in.

So, we have our short courses and they're developed in partnership with those world-leading tech vendors that I discussed and delivered by industry experts. So the big thing that we make sure of is we get people job-ready much faster than anyone else.

So it's really tackling that tech skills shortage that is plaguing so many Aussie organisations. And we're constantly expanding and updating our course offering to really reflect that change in those skills requirements because we know, as an example very recently, had to launch two new boot camp courses covering data science and AI (Artificial Intelligence). And that's following that sharp increase we're seeing in the demand for these skills.

Mike: It absolutely sounds like you guys are just as nimble as to what is required when it comes to filling those gaps in the education sector so I'm excited to see what happens to you in the Lumify Group moving forward. But Jon thank you so much for joining me on the network and telling us all about what you guys are up to. It seems like you're doing great work across the region so thank you

Jon: Mike thanks for your time. All the best

Mike: There you have it. I hope you've learned from my discussion with Jon there and thank you for tuning in for now. I've been your host, Mike Loder. And be sure to head to Ticker for more. Happy holidays! I will see you again very soon. Thank you!

If you'd like more information about Lumify Group and our ICT course offerings, feel free to contact us by completing the form on this page or by calling us at 1800 U LEARN (853 276).