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Strengthening the shield: Cyber Security Solutions to meet organisational needs

By Jeremy Daly  |  July 20, 2023

By now, the need to boost one's cybersecurity posture is clear. But the questions that often come up for customers go beyond cyber security training and into assessments, planning and monitoring. What now? Where do we start? Or how do we ensure follow-through? With Lumify's Cyber Security Solutions, we aim to work with and for businesses to implement, grow and evolve their security strength.

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Organisations of all sizes should prioritise their cybersecurity measures. Whether for your corporation, public sector agency or small business.

With the rising sophistication of cyber-attacks, you must look beyond traditional security measures. Explore solutions for cybersecurity that address the evolving threat landscape to safeguard sensitive information and maintain the trust of customers and stakeholders.

This blog post offers insights on three vital cyber security solutions that can support organisations: Cybersecurity Assessor, Phishing and Awareness Training Platform, and Cyber Readiness Workshop.

These solutions form a powerful trifecta against cyber threats, equipping employees with crucial skills and promoting a strong security culture.

Lumify Cybersecurity Skills Assessment

Hire and operate with confidence. Organisations need to understand their strengths and weaknesses in cybersecurity skills to build a robust cyber defence.

Our Assessor platform is built and powered by FifthDomain for Lumify; it supports our clients in evaluating an individual’s or team’s cyber skills via skills-based assessments in real-world, experiential environments. The Assessor platform’s rich reporting insights support management in decision-making, so you can understand where individual and team capabilities and gaps are and utilise Lumify training to build capability.

Pick and mix from realistic scenarios to craft your ideal cyber candidate screening experience. Leverage our platform’s data insight and analysis to measure and visualise the capability of your prospective hires and internal transfers. By assessing based on skill, you can unlock access to additional talent from non-traditional pathways to get the edge in the war for cyber talent. Whether building a new cyber security operations capability or levelling up an existing one, Assessor means you can hire and operate confidently.

Through evaluating and improving your cyber security skills, you can reduce the risk of significant consequences, including financial losses, damage to reputation, and loss of customer trust.

Assessor Features:

  • A dedicated challenges content library for clients comprises 50 challenges, of which six use Virtual Machines (VMs), and 44 are static.

  • Ideal for recruitment and ongoing skills assessment of individuals to outline recommended skills training as assessments can be tailored to individuals or teams with selected challenges aligning to roles or skills within the organisation.

  • Rich reporting insights support management with decision-making.

  • Convenient and secure https access for participants.

  • Scalable solution – You can scale the Assessor platform to as many assessments as needed.

  • Participants access the platform, including VMs in the platform, quickly and easily.

  • Reporting on individual performance in an assessment.

  • Reporting includes comparison to the assessment pool.

Lumify Phishing Awareness Training Platform

Phishing remains one of the most common and effective methods cybercriminals use to exploit unsuspecting individuals. It can lead to financial losses, damage to reputation, legal liability and productivity loss. According to IBM, the average cost of a data breach with a phishing initial attack vector in 2022 was USD 4.91 million.

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Organisations can significantly mitigate this risk through ongoing education and training with platforms like PhishMe. Lumify has partnered with Cofense, a leading email security provider, to supply their PhishMe simulation platform with a custom digital awareness training platform.

PhishMe is a SaaS platform that immerses users in a real-world experience via the solution’s customisable scenarios, which simulate the most relevant threats, like BEC (Business Email Compromise), and provide instant education pertinent to users most susceptible to these attacks.

With our Phishing and Awareness training platform, you receive access to the following:

  • Playbooks with scenarios, landing pages, attachments, and educational content. Preprepared playbooks provide a series of scenarios, landing pages, attachments and educational content to run throughout the year. These save you time when it comes to setting up and deploying. This content has been created using actual phishing emails reported within the ANZ region to ensure they are relevant and accurate to current phishing emails sent to organisations.

  • Additional cybersecurity awareness training via our Lumify Plus portal for every individual license. Our digital online training covers subjects such as securing passwords and practising safe web surfing. Our modules cover the physical security of devices and protecting data outside the office. We know that engaging, interactive models make for better learning. Each module contains concise lessons with interactive play, gamification and learning activities to help absorb and retain content.

Lumify Cyber Readiness Workshop

A single email can lead to a multi-million-dollar breach in seconds, and the employee responsible may not even be aware of their mistake. The problem is that many end users aren’t aware of the dangers accompanying today’s most common cybersecurity threats, much less how to detect them.

Our Cyber awareness training workshops are run by individuals with real-world cybersecurity experience and can be tailored to your organisation’s needs. Our training workshop is built and delivered with training materials and certification aligned to our CyberSAFE Awareness course.

Blog Image - AWS for small business training

This comprehensive half-day workshop helps ensure that your end users can identify the common risks associated with using conventional end-user technology and how to protect themselves and their organisations from security risks.

Regardless of your employees' computer experience, this workshop will help them become more aware of technology-related risks and what you can do to protect yourself and your organisation from them by being able to:

  • Understand both security and compliance need and requirements.

  • Recognise and avoid phishing and other social engineering attempts.

  • Recognise and avoid viruses, ransomware, and other malware.

  • Help ensure data security on computers, mobile devices, networks, the Internet, and in the cloud.

In today's digital age, it's essential for companies to protect themselves from cyber threats. Just like how we lock our doors at home to keep intruders out, organisations need to fortify their defences against hackers and cybercriminals.

Here are some practical steps companies can take to stay safe:

  • Invest in comprehensive cybersecurity solutions: Imagine your organisation as a fortress. Investing in strong cybersecurity software and tools is like adding thick walls, gates, and security cameras to protect your valuable data from potential cyber-attacks.

  • Equip the workforce with the necessary skills. It's like teaching your team members how to spot suspicious activities or emails. Just like we're cautious about opening unexpected packages, employees need to be aware of phishing attempts or malicious links.

  • Foster a security-conscious culture. Building a culture of security is like having everyone in the organisation work together as a team to protect the company. It's similar to how we all look out for each other in a neighbourhood, reporting anything unusual or suspicious.

By taking these measures, companies can shield sensitive information like personal data or trade secrets, making it harder for cyber attackers to break in. This safeguards the organisation and helps maintain the trust and confidence of customers, partners, and stakeholders, knowing that their information is safe with the company.

In today's increasingly vulnerable digital landscape, these steps are crucial to ensure that everyone's data and privacy are protected. Just like a strong community looks out for one another, organisations can also build a secure digital environment that benefits everyone involved.

Lumify Group offers cyber security training through our different brands to cater for all levels – from end users, frontline staff to senior cyber security professionals. We are a trusted training partner of organisations like (ISC)², EC-Council, ISACA, CompTIA, OffSec, Microsoft, AWS and Google Cloud.

To enquire, contact our Customer Experience Team or your Account Manager on 1800 853 276 or email [email protected].