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Stories and insights on Digital Skilling with Lumify Group

By Lumify Group Team  |  March 21, 2024

As a leading provider of information and communications technology training in Australasia, we're celebrating 2024 as our first anniversary of rebranding from DDLS Group to Lumify Group.

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Over the past 30 years, DDLS has significantly expanded its services into new industries and regions. We have launched several new opportunities and brands. Following a lengthy planning period, we took the leap in December 2022 to refresh our brand and unite our different business units under one banner.

Digital Skilling with Lumify in numbers

Since our rebrand, we've gone through a year of unleashing potential and enabling more people to thrive with digital skills. We've done so by leveraging the strength of our network and our wealth of expertise over the years. View 'The Lumify Group FY23 Digital Skilling Report: A year of unleashing potential' below to learn more.

In the past year, our ICT Training for Businesses in the ANZ & PH regions has made significant strides. We've conducted a total of 2204 training sessions and trained 5051 students. This is across 373 ICT courses and supported by 39 vendors.

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The emergence of key industries which need our support include:

  1. Defence

  2. Government

  3. Finance & Insurance

  4. Healthcare

  5. Telecommunications

  6. Higher Education

  7. Construction

  8. Staffing & Recruiting

We have also launched our status as a Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) Mapping Partner. Collaborating with SkillsTX, a global SFIA Partner, we offer a complete range of SFIA services. These include accredited SFIA training, consultancy and skill assessments.

Organisations looking to put in place, grow and evolve their security maturity can count on our Cyber Security Solutions. This includes our Assessor platform, which is built and powered by FifthDomain. The platform supports our clients in evaluating an individual’s or team’s cyber skills. It uses skills-based assessments in real-world, experiential environments. Another cyber solution is a result of our partnership with Cofense, a leading email security provider. We supply PhishMe, a Phishing awareness platform that conditions your staff to recognise and report bad emails. Together, the solutions unite your human defenders in the fight against email threats.

Lumify Learn enrolled 424 individual students and conducted 12 boot camps. The team offered certification in areas like Cyber Security, Data Analytics and Full Stack Development over the year.

Nexacu supported 11,360 organisations supported in APAC last year. 4,495 of these were new organisations. The team ran 48 end-user applications courses for Microsoft, ChatGPT and more, with 2,220 sessions facilitated over the year.

Furthermore, our strategic advisory services in Australia focused on Defence, engaging 31 consultants in various domains and managing 13 active contracts. Most consultants assisted the Australia Defence Force's Logistic Systems Transition Branch and the Materiel Logistic Function.

But what does Lumify mean again?

For those who need a refresher, Lumify comes from the verb {lu-mi-fy}, which means to ‘illuminate and enlighten through learning’ - with ‘Lum’ meaning bright and clear, and ‘Ify’ meaning to cause to become.

This name was selected to reflect our extensive IT training experience, our belief in the transformative power of learning, and our commitment to the success and happiness of our students, customers, and staff. It also represents an exciting milestone for the organisation as we leverage our network to provide best-in-class learning experiences for all customers.

Have you met Lumify Group?

Since December 2022, Lumify Group has been the overarching brand name for DDLS and its partner brands, bringing together all its different training foci and services under one roof.

Lumify Group is the parent of Lumify Learn, Lumify Work, Lumify People, Nexacu (Powered by Lumify) and City Desktop Training. The new brand reflects over 30 years' experience with training in the IT and related markets, customising programs to suit customers’ needs, including bespoke in-house developed courses.

Lumify Group is APAC’s most extensive corporate IT and process training and cyber security training provider. The Group offers extensive training options tailored to an organisation’s needs. Options include vendor-certified courses and customised training, including bespoke in-house developed courses.

Our current structure has Lumify Group as the overarching brand, with Lumify Learn, Lumify Work and Lumify People replacing the former individual brands. Nexacu continued to operate as Nexacu, Powered by Lumify. And our recent addition in October 2023, City Desktop Training, operates as City Desktop Training, Powered by Lumify.

Lumify Learn
Launched in June 2023, Lumify Learn offers online courses and boot camps that are vendor-certified. They also offer nationally accredited Information Communications Technology (ICT) training. As part of the Group, the team leverages 30+ years of experience, skills and knowledge accumulated as leaders in this industry.

In 2023, Lumify Learn saw the following becoming the most popular boot camps:

  • Certified Cyber Security Professional

  • Certified Data Analytics Professional

  • Certified Full Stack Developer

Lumify Learn enables students to study their way, from anywhere, at any time. Students can access industry-recognised courses and qualifications to let them hit the ground running on graduation.

Lumify Work
Lumify Work provides customised training made flexible and cost-effective to small and large enterprises in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. Lumify Work in Australia was previously known as DDLS Training. Lumify Work New Zealand was previously known as Auldhouse and Lumify Work Philippines was previously known as DDLS Philippines.

Our training options allow organisations to train as many or as few employees as they need, using highly qualified cross-vendor-certified instructors with technical expertise, proficiency, and extensive hands-on experience.

Our training options support organisations in training as many or as few employees as they need. We work with qualified cross-vendor-certified trainers who have proven technical expertise, proficiency and extensive hands-on experience.

Lumify Work trainers stay updated with emerging technologies, applications, frameworks, and methodologies. The technical instructors that our students love are consistently rated above industry standards in student evaluations.

Lumify Work is the most awarded training partner in APAC of Microsoft. It is also the partner of choice for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, Citrix, Cisco, CompTIA, ITIL, Red Hat, VMware and more.

Lumify People
Lumify People (formerly DDLS People) utilises 20+ years of experience to support Defence and Defence-industry clients. The team have expertise in diverse domains such as:

  • Strategic & Management Consulting: Guiding organisations toward their North Star.

  • Materiel Management: Ensuring seamless logistics and supply chain operations.

  • ICT and Cyber Security: Safeguarding people and businesses.

  • Learning & Development: Nurturing talent for tomorrow.

  • Data Integrity: Safeguarding the lifeblood of decision-making.

  • Reporting: Crafting insights from raw data.

Lumify People has a long and successful history of providing these services to the Australian Department of Defence and other key government organisations and corporations.

Nexacu, Powered by Lumify
Nexacu is a Microsoft Gold Partner. They have a reputation for delivering quality Microsoft end-user app training with campuses in all major Australian cities. Nexacu has a diversified customer base across Government, education and commercial sectors. The team's excellent work has generated over 42,000 positive participant reviews. In 2023, Nexacu expanded Lumify Group's educational reach. Organisations who have undergone staff training report a positive impact on their operations. This impact comes in the form of:

  • increased efficiency of up to 5%

  • savings of up to $350,000 and 8,000 hours per annum

City Desktop Training, Powered by Lumify
City Desktop Training provides training courses for Adobe Creative Cloud applications like InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects and more. We offer short courses and custom training for beginners and advanced users in Australia. The company has been an Adobe Authorized Training Partner for over 20 years. Experienced and Adobe Certified Instructors facilitate the courses. Students learn to use the latest versions of Adobe Creative Cloud applications. City Desktop Training has venues in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane CBDs.

Empowering Dreams, Transforming Realities

With one brand, the 700+ ICT courses and the digital products available across the board, we look forward to growing with you. In 2024 and beyond, Lumify Group seeks to spark change, to illuminate, and to unleash the potential of one person or one team. We advocate for using tech for good. We believe the humans we connect with make our mission of enabling one million learners come to life.

For more information, contact our Customer Experience Team at [email protected] or fill in the form on this page If you are an existing customer, contact your account manager.