Banner: Microsoft partners with Lumify for new ICT Training program for Veterans

Microsoft partners with Lumify for new ICT Training program for Veterans

By Jon Lang  |  February 20, 2023

Originally published on TechDay and covered on WIN News, get the story of the Microsoft Software and Systems Academy (MSSA) delivered in partnership with Lumify. The MSSA is a cloud training program for veterans.

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Get insights from Lumify CEO Jon Lang and MSSA participant and veteran Matt Smith. Watch the video here and read the story below.

Microsoft partners with Lumify for new Academy program

Microsoft has partnered with Lumify to deliver the latest cohort of the Microsoft Software and Systems Academy (MSSA).

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Lumify is Australia’s largest ICT training provider, and Microsoft’s 17-week intensive program is designed to give veterans with in-demand technology skills help in overcoming the challenges they face when transitioning from military service to civilian employment.

MSSA Australia offers those enrolled the option to specialise in one of two areas.

These areas are Cloud Application Development (CAD) or Server & Cloud Administration (SCA), two key skill sets required for today’s growing tech industry.

The course also provides a range of professional development opportunities on top of its technical curriculum.

These opportunities give participants the chance to engage with industry mentors and provide guidance in career planning and developing skills.

260,000 people are needed in Australia’s technology workforce by 2025.

Veterans are an untapped source of potential for Australian organisations facing skills shortages and can thrive in tech-focused roles when given the proper support and training opportunities.

Veteran and former MSSA participant Matt Spencer completed the program in 2022 and recently took a position at Microsoft as a Software Engineer following a 14-year career in the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

He notes that the most significant challenge the course helped him overcome was understanding how the corporate side of business works compared to the rigid structures and career paths of military life.

“Understanding how to market yourself on platforms like LinkedIn and write a strong resume is really useful,” Spencer says.

“It was a lot to learn in a short time, but having other people on the course going through the same issues really helped.

“The instructors showed great interest in passing on all their knowledge, and the practical activities helped me grasp the theory.

“One of the most valuable skills I acquired was proficiency in Git, an open-source version control system used for source code management, which can be used in tandem with Azure DevOps, object-orientated programming and the basics of syntax.”

The ADF has averaged a separation rate of between 8 and 10% in recent years, according to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

This translates to a loss of 5,000-6,000 people a year, many of whom are already highly skilled professionals.

“Programs like the MSSA can mutually meet the needs of veterans and employers,” says Jon Lang, CEO, Lumify Group.

“On the one hand, veterans benefit greatly from assistance in transitioning into corporate career paths, and on the other hand, Australian organisations suffering acute skills shortages benefit from a new pool of skilled workers.

“We are extremely proud to be delivering this program hand-in-hand with Microsoft, and making a difference to the lives of veterans, while tackling technology skills shortages.”

After completing the course, every student will receive an interview with Microsoft or one of its hiring partners, a list that boasts names such as Fujitsu, Accenture, JP Morgan and Westpac.

In Spencer’s case, he was offered a role with Microsoft as a Software Engineer before finishing the program.

“There are many transferable skills that veterans may not realise apply to the technology industry, such as self-motivation, working across both individual and team environments and the ability to research effectively,” Spencer says.

“I want to become a mentor for current or ex-serving veterans looking into a career in tech to help them along the journey.”

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