Australian Computer Society (ACS) and Lumify Group partner up to supercharge IT careers in Australia

Australian Computer Society (ACS) and Lumify Group partner up to supercharge IT careers in Australia

By Lumify Group Team  |  March 21, 2024

Brisbane, 21 March 2024 – Leading provider of IT training and consulting services, Lumify Group, today announces a new partnership with the Australian Computer Society (ACS). ACS’s member base represents Australia’s largest community for technology professionals, to whom Lumify’s best-in-class career growth pathways and technical expertise will be available, enhancing the professional development of the Australian tech IT workforce.

LFY - Work - Blog Image 1920x1080 Australian Computer Society (ACS) and Lumify Group partner up to supercharge IT careers in Australia

ACS’s recent Digital Pulse 2023 report highlights the critical IT skills shortage facing Australia. By making Lumify Group’s products and services more widely available to its members, ACS hopes to improve access to much needed upskilling and reskilling tools. Lumify resources will be available through the ACS member portal at a discounted rate to a new generation of IT talent, such as students, school leavers, career changers and migrants needing recognition of their qualification. This collaboration seeks to fill the immediate gap in skilled IT professionals but also empower IT talent at all levels, from C-suite executives to newcomers, to navigate the challenges posed by increasing cybersecurity threats and the speed and depth of the AI technology revolution.

The Lumify team recognises the value of ACS membership, especially for career starters and career changers. Lumify is excited to include free ACS membership for all students studying Nationally Accredited courses through Lumify Learn, providing students with extra support and industry links to fast track their career into IT.

Jon Lang, CEO of Lumify Group, says,

“Our commitment to cultivating future tech capabilities aligns perfectly with ACS’s mission of nurturing a thriving tech ecosystem. With ACS’s members spanning across every industry relying on IT, including business, government, and education, we have a unique opportunity to foster a best-in-class generation of IT professionals who will drive innovation and progress in their respective industries and throughout Australia.”

ACS CEO, Josh Griggs, says,

“ACS is thrilled to partner with Lumify to introduce new learning and development opportunities for ACS members. The ACS Digital Pulse report 2023 highlights the necessity for 1.3 million additional skills by 2030, and collaborations like this are instrumental in closing the gap.”

Lang added, “Together, Lumify Group and ACS are poised to redefine the standards of tech professional development and education, empowering individuals to realise their full potential and contribute meaningfully to Australia’s tech-driven economy.”

The partnership follows a strong period of growth for Lumify Group, including the acquisition of City Desktop and the launch of Lumify Learn and Lumify Learn’s Academic Accelerator.

For media enquiries, contact Hareni Nimalan, Lumify Group Brand Manager at [email protected] or +61 2 8272 8729.

About ACS

ACS is Australia’s largest community of technology professionals, providing a collaborative platform for business, government and education to connect and shape policies. ACS champions the technologies, people and skills critical to Australia’s future.

ACS accelerates the growth of diverse and highly skilled technology professionals, equipping them with the right skills and knowledge needed to advance their careers and Australia’s technology, now and into the future.

About Lumify Group:

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