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Lumify Learn (RTO 45994) is excited to support ACS members with both nationally recognised ICT certificates and diplomas and globally recognised vendor certification. Plus, our Lumify Edge program in conjunction with ACS members services will fast track you to a new career or a promotion.

Enjoy a 10% discount for ACS Members or FREE ACS Membership for all new Lumify Learn Student. Talk to our team today.


ACS Members Benefits

Lumify Learn is ready to support ACS members as they launch their careers, or prepare for a promotion with our vendor bootcamps and nationally recognised Certificate or Diploma course.

Your ACS Membership entitles you to a 10% ACS Membership Discount on Lumify Learn Courses!

Accelerate your pathway into a career in IT, elevate your skills, stay ahead of industry trends, and unlock new career opportunities with training solutions to complement your ACS membership.  Choose Lumify Learn and start your learning journey with these extra benefits:

Be Interview Savvy

Lumify Edge supports our students in their transition from study to their next IT role. Enhancing our students' personal brand, exclusive access to the Lumify Group job portal, plus internship opportunities, and direct connection to recruiters.

Flexible Online Learning

Study on your own schedule. Manage your studies around work and family while still enjoying your life. You even have the option to fast-track and finish your studies ASAP. 

Quality Trainers & Mentors

Discover the power of quality Trainers and experienced Mentors. Our Team are passionate about student outcomes, supporting students to success through 1-on-1 coaching and support. 

Job Ready Skills

Earn the certifications and qualifications employers are looking for right now. Gain the skills you need to jumpstart your career in IT with our Learn-Practice-Test-Repeat approach. Fast tracking our students to success.

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I'm interested. What happens next?

Talk to the Lumify Learn Team today to learn more about our course options, choose the right course and get started. You can also visit the Lumify Learn Website to learn more about each course. Don't forget to quote your ACS Membership Number to secure your special Membership Pricing!

Contact us today on 1800-936-230 or register your details above.

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Our bootcamps are a combination of 2, 3 or 4 vendor certifications designed to empower our students with the skills and confidence to launch their careers. Plus the in-demand and highly recognisable vendor certifications will fast track students to the top of the job candidate pool.

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Earn a nationally recognised qualification to launch or accelerate your IT career. Our accredited courses create job-ready candidates with nationally-recognised qualifications, practical experience and technical skill.  

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Gain the advantage in the job market and study both!  We’ve combined popular Vendor Certifications into our Nationally accredited courses to give our student a leg up on the competition. 

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  • Lumify Learn reserves the right to review and cancel illegitimate registrations from non-ACS candidates utilising this promotion. 

  • The promotion is available to all non-resell Lumify Learn courses and does not include resell courses. 

  • Active ACS Membership numbers must be provided at time of enrolment to secure discounted pricing. ACS membership discount applies to RRP.

  • For full terms and conditions, please refer to the Lumify Learn Website