Our Story

Enabling people to thrive in the digital landscape of tomorrow.

Our Mission

"Education is not the filling of a pale but the lighting of fire," says William Butler Yeats. And we agree. We believe equipping people with digital skills positively impacts the individual, organisation and community. This is why everything we do is guided by our Massive Transformative Purpose of Enabling people to thrive in the digital landscape of tomorrow. We've created an ecosystem of partners, students and staff intent on upskilling people so they can use what they know as a force for good.

Corporate Governance

In 2018, asset management group Arowana International Limited acquired Lumify Group (then known as DDLS Australia Pty Ltd), Australia’s leading ICT learning provider.

Arowana is an award-winning global B Corporation that has a number of operating companies and investments, including in electric vehicles, renewable energy, vocational education, technology and software venture capital, and impact asset management.

Today, Lumify and its subrands form part of Arowana’s emerging education platform, EdventureCo.

EdventureCo is a premium provider of digital, soft and future skills training that prepares the workforce of today for success tomorrow.

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Our Story 

For more than three decades, we’ve been helping people master technological change.  

As DDLS, we’ve upskilled thousands of teams and businesses, partnering with the world’s top tech vendors to become Australasia’s undisputed leaders in IT training. 

Now, under the banner of our new brand, Lumify, we’re building on that legacy.  


DDLS was first established under the
Comtec Education brand.

Our Brands

We deliver comprehensive IT training through our core brands: Lumify Learn, Lumify Work, Lumify People, Nexacu, and City Desktop Training. This enables us to cater to individuals with varying skillsets, regardless of their location or preferred learning method. Lumify Edge serves as the bridge between Lumify Learn and Lumify Work, preparing our Lumify Learn graduates for employment while addressing the digital skills gap for our corporate clients at Lumify Work.

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