Sally McDonough

Group Channel Manager
Sally McDonough Profile

Key Skills

  • Strategic Planning and Execution

  • Vocational Education

  • Partnerships

  • Business Development

Sally serves as Lumify Group's dedicated Group Channel Manager, steering the growth and effectiveness of our partner network. With a focus on providing value to our partners, Sally aims to drive market share expansion, revenue growth, and market entry into new territories, all while amplifying the Lumify brand.

In addition to the Group Channel responsibilities, Sally is at the forefront of driving impactful initiatives across the Lumify Group. By identifying, designing, and launching initiatives, Sally strives to add significant value to our Lumify customer base, fortify the Lumify brand, and establish robust connections with our customers. The collaborative efforts within the group, amplify the collective value of all companies within Lumify Group, creating a more potent force in the IT training landscape.

With over 25 years of experience in IT and Education, Sally brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for how IT accelerates growth and revenue across industries. Having worked extensively in nationally accredited and Vendor training companies, Sally is dedicated to the transformative power of education for individuals and businesses.

Sally is thrilled to be a part of Lumify Group, where the focus on lifelong learning solutions resonates with career starters, changers, IT users, professionals, and executives alike.